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The Sparkenhoe Curriculum

At Sparkenhoe we have developed a bespoke curriculum with the breadth, balance and relevance that matches the changing needs of our diverse school population. It follows the statutory guidelines set out by the government in the National Curriculum (2014). In English we teach our youngest children a scheme of synthetic phonics, based on the principals of Letters and Sounds, that provides them with the foundations to begin to read and write.  Throughout Key Stage 1 these skills are built upon and consolidated, moving towards reading fluency and comprehension and taking the next steps in writing. In Key Stage 2 the children become immersed in a wide range of relevant texts, ranging from British Heritage Literature to cross curricular texts in tandem with the connected curriculum. Alongside this curriculum sits a motivational, challenge based reading promotion scheme called Reading Miles. This encourages the children to read at home for collective and individual rewards.

In maths, we follow the Maths No Problem scheme of work. This has been in place since September 2015 and is based on the Singapore approach to teaching maths using the mastery teaching approach. The focus is on teaching to mastery by allowing enough time on a topic for a child to understand it thoroughly. The scheme emphasises problem- solving and pupils using their skills to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

There are Parent Videos available to view. Just click on the link.


Our Foundation subjects are taught through a custom, broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum which prepares our children for life in 21st Century British Society. Science, Physical Education, Languages, Music and Computing are taught discretely. SMSC pervades all subjects. History, Geography, Art and Design, Design and Technology are combined into a connected curriculum. This is enriched by a carefully planned programme of hands on experiences. These motivate, inspire and give practical learning opportunities to bring subjects to life and allow children to contextualise their learning.

Yearly overviews and details for each term are available by following the link below.

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Click on the link for information about assessment at Sparkenhoe.

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