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Healthy Eating at Sparkenhoe


We encourage healthy eating at Sparkenhoe as part of a wider understanding of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Foundation Stage and KS1, are given ‘fruit’ time daily. KS2 children are encouraged to bring in their own healthy snack for after break.

Once a term, we have Healthy Packed Lunch week; children show us how healthy they can make their lunchbox every day (usually Friday is treat-day). To help parents, we have worked with Leicester Dietetic Service to produce an A4 page on making healthy choices that is sent out with the dates for Healthy Packed Lunch week.

Once a year, we have Healthy Living week. The children take part in a range of activities covering all aspects of healthy living including making good food choices for your body and your teeth.

This year, we trialled the Healthy School’s Roadshow; the School Nursing Service invited parents and KS2 children to the Ark theatre to take part in a series of workshops including one on healthy food choices.

Throughout the year, we cover different aspects of healthy eating during our science and PSHCE topics. Sometimes the packaging on food makes it hard to tell if that item of food is good for you.

We do not allow chewing gum, fizzy drinks or nuts in school at all. Children can only bring in sweets as treats for special occasions.

Learning to make healthy choices in their lives now means that they are that much stronger at making healthy decisions as young people and adults.

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