Sparkenhoe School Primary School

School Council

Our School Council is a group of students elected by their classes (Y1 – Y6) so that the pupil voice can be heard when changing our school. Class Council meetings are held approximately every month to discuss any ideas or objectives for change. The elected Councillors bring the best ideas to School Council to be voted upon.

The School Council manages a small budget. This is used to support our ideas and for prizes for competitions. We aim to support our school to be a healthy, happy place. School Councillors may also represent our school in external events or when showing visitors around school.

Last year, we organised and supported competitions and activities to benefit the whole school, such as Healthy Living week and Energy Awareness/Saving. We contributed to the summer fete by collecting ideas for activities from children in our classes. We also helped to organise and run stalls. 


This year the new councillors want to carry on making the school the best it can be by making sure everyone is happy and involved in the school. They are collecting ideas to make sure there is plenty for everyone to do at playtime and lunchtime.

School Council is part of being a democratic citizen of the future because ‘Together We Can!’



This year our school councillors are:

 Year 1 Ziad, Maariyah, Humayraa, Ahmad

 Year 2

Uwias, Afifah, Elinor, Zubeyr

 Year 3

Mohammad Ali, Maliha, Abdullah, Abiha

 Year 4

 Muhammad, Sejma, Rayyan, Najma

 Year 5

Raeesah, Tasnin, Mariam, Marafy

 Year 6

Rueben, Julyana, Ali, Sumaya, Haiza, Omar

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