Sparkenhoe School Primary School

Our Vision Statement

To create a school in which all children reach their full potential, academically and as individuals. A safe and secure place where children are inspired, through teaching and experiences, to work hard in a happy, stimulating environment. To ensure that children leave the school with the foundations and skills to live happy, responsible, fulfilling, prosperous lives, both at the next stage in their academic careers and as active, contributing members of a tolerant, respectful and harmonious society. To ensure that staff, children, governors and parents work together in the best interests of the school.

Our Values

Through consultation with parents, staff, children and governors, we developed our core values. These represent what makes Sparkenhoe unique and embody the attitudes and behaviours that we see from everyone on a daily basis.

Look at the posters below to see our values. These are also displayed in both playgrounds and around the school.


At Sparkenhoe We:
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