Remote Learning Overview

TEAMS lessons

All children will have live lessons at the times below. The children will complete activities during the lessons and have tasks to do after.

For more detailed timetables, please see the timetables section.

Children will complete most tasks in their exercise book.

Children can upload their work to Teams for the teacher to feedback. Feedback will also be provided during lessons and at the end of the day.

Click here for Teams Guidelines for Parents
Click here for Rules for Children

Please see the Online Safety section for more information about keeping children safe online.

Year groups

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Years 3, 4 and 5 

9.00 am (1 hr)

11.00 am (1 hr)

1.30 pm (45 m)

Years 1, 2 and 6

10.00 am (1 hr)

12.30 pm (1 hr)

2.15 pm (45 m)


10.30 am (30 m)

Recorded daily lesson

2.00 pm (30 m)

F1 Robins

10.30 am (30m)

Recorded daily video


F1 Owls


Rcorded daily video

2.00 pm (30m)

On Wednesdays, there will only be ONE live lesson for F2 to Year 6. This will be the first lesson of the day. Children will be given an an extension activity from the first session. For everyone, Wednesday afternoons are devoted to Off Screen Bingo and physical activity. The children have a number of fun activities they can complete alone or with family members. We want to encourage children to follow their own interests and have a go at new things. This is also time for families to complete activities together and take part in physical exercise. Click below for the Off Screen Bingo or have a go at Active Monopoly. See the Physical Activity section for ideas for exercise.

Click here for Off Screen Bingo
Click here for Active Monopoly
  • Emergency plans will be sent home with the children or sent by email or hand delivered if this is not possible. These will be used for the first few days only.
  • Exercise books will be sent home with the children or collected by family members or delivered to homes if necessary.
  • Teachers will deliver online lessons three times a day for Years 1 to 6.
  • F2 will deliver two live lessons and one recorded lesson a day.
  • In Years 1 to 6 teachers will deliver lessons for National Curriculum subjects that are in line with what they would have been teaching in school.
  • Children will be given tasks to do and have time during lessons to have feedback.
  • In the Foundation Stage, teachers will deliver lessons in line with the EYFS curriculum.
  • Work children do outside of the online lessons will take between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours over the day, depending on age.
  • Children can choose to complete activities in My Maths, TT Rockstars, Doodle English/Spell and Accelerated Reader.
  • Children can complete additional activities from the emergency plans if they choose to.
  • Weekly additional activity plans will be sent to F1 and F2 parents.
  • Children will bring their exercise book when they return to school to share work with their teacher.
  • Children who need additional support will work with a teaching assistant and/or have additional phone contact.
  • Teachers and support staff will contact all families by phone if children do not join in with online lessons.
  • All children with an EHC Plan are automatically entitled to a place in school and this will be offered to all parents.
  • Children with SEND in Dolphins will have two daily contact sessions with the SENCO and their support staff if they are not at school. These will be provided through TEAMS meetings with parents. 
  • The meetings for Dolphins class will consist of a 10 minute taught session and discussion with parents about the activities which have been provided.
  • Weekly learning packs will be delivered to all children in Dolphins class who are at home.