School Notifications

School is closed for the summer holiday.

If you have any questions over the summer, please email office@sparkenhoe.leicester.sch.uk. 

You will get a reply but it may not be straight away.

School starts for ALL children in Years 1 to 6 on:


If your child is starting in F1 or F2 and you are not sure of their start date, please email office@sparkenhoe.leicester.sch.uk.




At Sparkenhoe, we work to ensure the highest quality education for all of our pupils.

We are a school with high standards and high expectations of our children, not just in their academic ability but also in their behaviour and attitudes. We recognise all talents and abilities and do our best at all times to ensure that our children enjoy their time with us as well as achieve their very best.

Our vision is to to create a school in which all children reach their full potential, academically and as individuals. A safe and secure place where children are inspired, through teaching and experiences, to work hard in a happy, stimulating environment.

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At Sparkenhoe we...

• Work together as a team
• Learn from different experiences
• Help and support each other
• Recognise and celebrate hidden talents
• Be kind, tolerant and respectful
• Be independent
• Learn from our mistakes
• Be responsible
• Challenge ourselves
• Try and fail rather than fail to try