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    Sparkenhoe Community School


At Sparkenhoe Primary School we value the impact an educational visit has on our pupils.

We plan trips that provide a context for learning and have significant impact on pupils’ work within the classroom. All visits are deemed valuable to the children’s education. They enhance their knowledge of what they are studying or create an added dimension to their learning. All visits must be approved and checked by our Education Visits Co-ordinators (EVC) and Head Teacher. All visits are registered with the LA, using the EVOLVE website. See our Charging Policy for details about how trips are funded.

For all trips:

  • All visits are planned and have clear objectives.
  • Risk Assessments are completed so that potential hazards are taken into account.
  • First Aid trained staff attend every trip.
  • Staff are aware and trained in the procedures for school visits.
  • In the event of an incident or accident, the school’s emergency plan comes into effect.
  • Appropriate insurance is in place for all trips and visits.

For Overnight visits:

  • Parents must complete a medical form prior to overnight visits.
  • A First Aid trained member of staff will be designated to administer prescribed and non-prescribed medicines.
  • A parents’ information meeting will be held before the visit.